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million. >>> west virginia's governor is asking for the same guy that handled the sago mine disaster to look in to the explosion last week. he is the head of the safety administration. they say upper big branch should have received a warning letter in october about a potential pattern of safety violations, but a computer program failed to include eight citations at the mine. >>> time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle has more on the warning about a lexus suv. >> that's right. of course you told people about this consumer warning at this time yesterday. the news is consumer reports urging people not to guy the lexus gx-460 because of safety problems and now toyota told lexus dealers to stop selling the 2010 suv until the problem is fixed. in one of consumer reports emergency handling tests the suv was shown losing control in a way that could lead to a rollover, raising the risk of serious injury or death. toyota is providing a loaner car for drivers too concerned to continue to driving the gs- 460. the don't buy warning is a rarity from consumer reports. >>> fewer pe
, virginia, prosecutor will not press charges against a tennessee woman who put her adopted son on a flight back to russia. he says the fact the boy flew out of dulles airport does not give him jurisdiction. the mother returned him to a russian orphanage saying it failed to disclose his severe psychological problems. >>> a push to turn more health care over to nurses. that story is coming up. >>> and we are looking for better news from your department, how ward. >> we have dense fog in affect. we will let you know when we will get the better weather. it is coming. 9 news will return after this. >>> tuesday will not rank as a chamber of commerce days thanks to the gray skies, off and on rain and chilly temperatures. welcome back to 9 news now. hearn howard bernstein is here to. will the chamber of commerce be pleased with your forecast today. >> today, tomorrow and the first part of friday. >> you are messing up our weekend. >> a little cooler once again. don't plant the tinner stuff unless you are in the northern neck. we could have frosts for another week. we had the heat but it was weird.
mine-south in raleigh county, west virginia, extending condolences to their families and recognizing the valiant efforts of the emergency response workers at the mine disaster. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from california, mr. miller, and the gentlewoman from washington, mrs. mcmorris rodgers, will each control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california. mr. miller: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and insert extraneous material in house resolution 1236 into the record. without objection, i recognize the gentleman from west virginia, mr. rahall, for seven minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from west virginia is recognized for seven minutes. mr. rahall: thank you, mr. speaker, and thank you, mr. chairman, george miller. last week on monday, april 5, an explosion tore through the upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia, taking the lives of 29 good hardworking men. it was the repeat of a recurring nightm
luck. >>> and now with more on the continuing follies of virginia governor bob mcdonnell who is sponsoring an essay contest. ladies and gentlemen, here is rachel maddow. >> thank you very much for that. and thanks to you at home for staying us this hour. elizabeth warren is here for the interview tonight. we're very much looking forward to that. >>> we begin with the eroding ground. he is bob mcdonnell, the famously and recently elected governor of virginia. republicans thought enough of his national prospects and thought enough of his image as a revitalizing force for their party that they invited governor mcdonnell to address the nation in response to president obama's state of the union address in february. mr. mcdonnell gave that speech 11 whole days after he was inaugurated. when the republican party decided to declare itself back and better than ever in a slickly produced self-c self-congratulatory web ad, bob mcdonnell was chosen to deliver the first sound bite in that ad. >> here in virginia, we live in the birthplace of american freedom and democracy. and this year,
in february. >>> police are looking for a man accused of raping a woman in alexandria, virginia. it happened a few blocks east of the king street metro stop. the man grabbed the victim and threatened her with a cutter. police do not have a detailed description of the suspect. investigators are hoping anyone with information about the case will come forward. >>> letters telling hundreds of virginia felons to write a personal letter to the governor to get voting rights back were in error. a spokesman for the governor says the potential requirement is only a draft policy proposal. the letter stated as a new requirement nonviolent offenders must explain the circumstances of their arrest and conviction and detail their efforts to get a job and seek an education. virginia would be the only state to require a letter for thes restore ration of civil rights. >>> the death toll continues to rise from a strong earthquake in western china. there are reports that 300 are dead and 8,000 hurt as rescue workers struggle to dig people out. the u.s. geological survey says it measures 6.9. rescue efforts were
in virginia, beautiful shot. sun getting ready to set, traffic easing between the 14th street bridge and mixing bowl. back to you. >>> topper has the forecast. maybe a jacket but no hat? >> yeah, no hat. we've stepped back into april. here's your forecast first. for tonight clear skies. you will need a jacket later tonight. it will be chilly, upper 30s in the suburbs. mid-40s downtown. winds light out of the southwest at 5 to 10. temperatures now, still around 0, a couple of -- 60, a couple of 50s here and there. 60 downtown. 60 gaithersburg. also in frederick. when we come back we talk about the 70s. we'll step in may tomorrow. you know what that means, showers. >>> still to come -- carrying on about carry-ons. how congress is fighting the latest airline fees but first, some encouraging news about an industry that brings millions of dollars into our area. >>> good news about the chesapeake bay blue crab population. >> blue crab population is actually roaring back and actually coming back stronger than many ever would have predicted. once decimated, this population is not only reboun
to take pictures out on a bike ride. they are glad to have her home. >>> west virginia's governor ordered an immediate inspection of all underground coal mines in the wake of the deadly explosion. the 29 miners died as a result of the explosion in the massey energy mine. so far, high levels of gas have made it too dangerous to go back inside the mine. >>> batteries are to play in the package expansion -- explosion at a ups warehouse this morning. the explosion was an accident. >>> jon and kate gosselin will not face charges after questions about child labor laws. they said the dead child labor permits should have been it required an order for their children to appear on the television show. state lawmakers are reviewing their child labor laws for television and movie production. >>> hundreds of iceland residents are evacuating their homes due to a volcano. they have evacuated 800 residents. rivers near the glacier are rising, but the melted ice is a leading to flooding of fears. the volcano first erupted last month after sitting dormant for 200 years. >> volcanos in iceland -- a contradic
virginia. here's a look at the satellite. the last of the rain showers long gone now across the southeastern tip of virginia, northeast north carolina moving away from us. so we do have really thick fog this morning, primarily from frederick, maryland to the northern virginia piedmont, that will last through 9:00 or 10:00, then plenty filled with sunshine our skies will by later on this afternoon. high temperatures today upper 50s to low and mid-60s so a hint cooler than average. but the big time warm-up returns for thursday and friday. jerry, over to you. >> all right, chuck. good morning. let's see how we're doing. some areas shrouded by fog, this is 95, north from lorton. the visibility pretty decent to the capital beltway. along i-270, plenty of fog as you make the trip south to germantown and south, so be aware of it. some of that fog you come up on it rapidly with little notice. folks you can see slamming on brakes, be cautious. >> good morning to you, thank you. >> good morning, jerry. shocking new developments regarding the firing of hundreds of d.c. teachers. six mo
, west virginia. the chaplain: father, we ask you to strengthen the courage of the representatives and congress. sent here men and women to do what a right. make it plain, father. we lease the same wisdom that brought these 50 states together to form this great united states of america. allow it to fall fresh among this great governing body as they make decisions affecting over 300 million americans. father, at this time we join our hearts, minds and spirits for our fellow miners in west virginia who have suffered a great loss in the midst of tragedy. out of the depths of our pressing need, praying that i will draw near onto us during this dark hour of time in jesus name, amen. the speaker: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house her approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1 the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from alabama, mr. griffith. mr. griffith: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, i
baden on the commute. >> 95 virginia northbound coming out of potomac mills to get through woodbridge is forced.-- the worst. in the district near the convention center they still have a lot of barricades' to move out of the roadway, mainly on the southern end of the convention center. every thing should be clear by the time you get there. light traffic volume in the district where they had the nuclear summit. everything should be open by the time you get there. if new york avenue looks good. a little portion of madison avenue is closed, but we are optimistic. let's look at traffic in virginia. springfield. the headlights are northbound leaving springfield for the pentagon. now to breaking news. >> we begin with the breaking news from western china. a strong earthquake has killed at least 200 people and injured thousands more. the 6.5 quake struck in the qinghai province, near the szechuan province where a 2000 earthquake killed 68,000 people. people fled to the streets in panic as buildings began collapsing. rescuers are trying to free people trapped in rubble. >> our other top story
on the state capital in richmond, virginia. it was called the second amendment march to raise awareness of gun ownership rights. it drew about 150 people and most of them wore side arms. >> if you don't practice your rights they can be taken away and so you have to practice them to keep them and everybody here is loyal to the 2nd amendment and passionate about it. >> reporter: people in the crowd had a message for their state representatives that the right to keep and bare arms is a right and the government should work to protect that right. >>> a review of federal records by usa today shows that more than 130 toyota drivers told nitsa they are still experiencing unintended acceleration each after recalled cars were repaired. >>> well angry teachers rallied outside of the offices of d.c. chancellor michelle rhee this evening. they accuse her and mayor adrian fenty of using trumped up deficit numbers to justify the firing of more than 250 teachers last october. we learned yesterday the school system actually has a $34 million surplus. union officials and fired teachers are demanding their jobs
a surprise stop off in her first solo international trip. >>> and west virginia governor calling for an independent investigation into the deadly mine explosion. >>> and coming up next, the district looking to raise parking fees and fines to raise much-needed revenue for the city. officials say it's to help encourage good driving but triple-a said it's unfair. lon anderson from triple-a atlantic will join us to explain that view. time now 7:11. it's 45 degrees.  [ female announcer ] hurry! get to the jcpenney lowest prices of the season sale! and for jcp rewards members only: earn a $10 reward certificate for every 50 you spend, $20 for every 100, and $30 for every 150 -- no limits! plus, don't miss doorbusters. discover how low low can go with $4.99 junior's tops and 60% off st. john's bay polos for him. classic towels are just $2.99. and all kids' swimwear is 55% off. go to jcp.com to see everything on sale. jcpenney. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something
a proporcionar los fondos para aumentos a docentes en un nuevo sindicato de maestros... y en virginia, dos hispanos fueron arrestados por operar un consultorio dental clandentino en falls church... los acusados realizaban tratamientos desde el sotano de una vivienda...claudia uceda nos dice que tan peligroso son estas practicas ilegales... parece un barrio normal en falls church, virginia, pero en el sotano de una de estas casas dos hispanos sin contar con licencia, curaban y sacaban dientes a otros hispanos una refirgeradora, camuflaba la entrada de la oficina clandestina de acuerdo con documentos de la corte de fairfax oscar moran y amparo rodriguez son acusados por hacer un delicado tratamiento de conducto a uno de sus pacientes, procedimiento que termino con complicaciones debido a una infeccion ..una practica muy comun y peligrosa, segun expertos "muchas veces les dicen que se tienen que quitar la muela y le quitan la muela y esa muela no se tenia que quitar, podrian salvar la muela haciendo un tratamiento de conducto y en vez de salvarla se la quitan, des
. >>> a new investigation into the coal mine explosion in west virginia. >>> another gut punch tonight for toyota. its upscale lexus suv got hit with a safety writing so bad consumers are being told not to buy it. consumer reports gave the lexus gx 460 a don't buy rating. the group saves the vehicle's electronic traction control doesn't react fast enough and cannot stop the vehicle from rolling over. it's the first time in nine years the group has issued such a warning. >> when the vehicle the gx 460 is push to its limits the rear end swings out wide until the vehicle is almost sideways. if this is to happen in a real world situation it could lead to a roll over. >> lexus has stopped selling the vehicle t says engineers conducted similar tests but did not find that problem. it also says the lexus gx 460 meets or exceeds all the federal government's testing. >>> how safe is the beef you eat in despite inspections and recalls when there is something wrong there might be things in your food you don't know about. penicillin, copper, arsenic. it's dangerous. melanie alnwick has a consumer a
... >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> the west virginia governor is ordering more than 200 underground coal mines to be inspected immediately. mines deemed most at risk are first on a list. he is also ordering all lines to stop production friday in memory of the 29 miners killed in last week's explosion. federal investigators could not go underground because there are still high methane gas levels. >>> a d.c. for voting rights bill could be before congressional leaders soon. last year, the bill stalled in the house because the measure was tied to pro-gun amendments. with the president's signature, the bill is expected to go to the supreme court. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell was to reduce state funding -- restrict state funding for abortion. he is recommending that the state be consistent with what the federal government funds, which is only abortions in the case of rape,, or danger to a mother's life. >>> people will be able to see your tweet for years to come. the library of congress required every public tweak since twitter started four years ago. there are 70
virginia is ordering sweeping inspections after the mine explosion that killed 29 workers. governor manchin ordered the immediate inspection of all underground mines in the state. volatile gases caused the mine explosion more than a week ago. levels are still too high for investigators to get inside the mines. the governor also asked the state's a 200 mines to cease production friday in honor of those killed. >>> first lady michelle obama is in mexico city now. as part of her first solo international tour as first lady. mrs. obama met privately with mexico's first lady today. they talked about a number of issues, important to young people, here in the u.s. and in mexico. mrs. obama also visited grade school children and gave a speech at the university there. her visit to mexico is par of an international agenda centered on engaging young people around the world. yesterday mrs. obama was in haiti. >> work as hard as you can do and do as much as you can. driven, the spirit of our youth. yes, woe can. yes, we can. >> the white house announced the second state dinner of president obama's admini
is to capture him or to kill him. >> lehrer: gwen ifill updates the investigation into last week's west virginia coal mine tragedy. and fred de sam lazaro reports on using private capital for the public good. in this case, for toilets in the slums of kenya. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the presi
maryland and virginia residents who drive in. this is hitting d.c. residents. this goes too far. >> drivers we spoke with agreed. >> i think there's other ways to fill the budget. we always feel like they pick on the -- they jump the gun on the meters and things like that. >> parking is the most problematic. often lease no parking. a two-hour zone is a problem. you really shouldn't run a light so that's not as big a deal. the parking fines, i would be most worried about that. >> now, at this point, the proposal is just that, a proposal. the budget has not been approved. the council would have to do that for any of these increases to take effect. i'm tracee wilkins. barb, back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama's nuclear security summit is over making it much easier to get around downtown washington. most streets around the convention center were closed for two days, but they reopened last night. the mount vern is defense center metro station opened back up this morning. parking restrictions in the are still in effect till noon today. >>> police in the district are still investigating
the roof, trying to flee the same way, and falling from the ceiling at least six times. >>> in virginia, mall-goers were in for quite a surprise when a disoriented deer crashed through the window of a coffee shop and then ran into the shopping center. security cameras captured the animal dashing through the halls. unfortunately, though, the deer had to be put down due to the injuries it sustained. >>> and in arizona a woman and her belgian shep period are turning crime-fighting into a business. dar go and his owner are a certified drug detection team. his expertise is now being used by schools, businesses, even concerned parents for about 150 bucks an hour. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel channel forecast. good morning, bill. >> see, i was thinking that was such a great idea. why couldn't anybody train their dog to be a drug dog. the problem is you'd have to have truck drugs to train it. >> yeah. hopefully you don't have it. it's being put to good use, which is good. >> if you can get it trained
virginia governor is asking for the same investigator who handled the sago mine disaster to look at last week's deadly mine explosion. jay david mcateer is the former head of the u.s. mine and safety administration. so he will head up the investigation. federal officials say upper big branch should have received a warning letter in october about a potential pattern of safety violations, but a computer program failed to include eight citations at the mine. >>> coming up next on 9 news now at noon, a good samaritan is nearly killed after she stopped to help a man in the middle of the street, and it was all caught on tape. >> she sort of stopped and pulled back and said, oprah doesn't see art. not happening for oprah. >> doesn't sound like america's talk show queen. a new biography paint answer unflattering picture of oprah including a diva-like episode that occurred here in the district. we'll be right back. >>> a dc police officer is fine after a carjacking, but his service weapon is in the hands of criminals. this happened on monday night in east baltimore. the unidentified officer says
virginia beach. as we look to the east, clear and cooler as the last of the rain out of here. interesting weather pattern here. basically there is plenty of mild, warm air. locked up just south and west of us. this bridge of milder air is going to sweep over us and really warm us up toward thursday and friday as we work later in the week. in the meantime, just clearing skies tonight. tomorrow will be a little warmer because we'll see plenty of sunshine. a few clouds come in thursday, but thursday i think will be a warmer day despite a few extra clouds. lots of sun tomorrow. clearing skies tomorrow, should see abundant sunshine. 64, seasonably average for us. 42 tomorrow night. mostly clear, dry, and cool. the outlook, when does the weather get active again? we warm up thursday and friday. a chance for a few showers friday afternoon into early saturday. we'll keep watching that as we get closer to the weekend. kelly. >> all right, thanks, wyatt. >>> the orioles look to break a five-game losing streak. is tonight the night against the rays? that and more in the press box sports report comin
.m. tomorrow. rockville at 45. 46 degrees, the temperature down from 58 today. arlington, virginia. a pretty cool start for the day tomorrow before rebounding. no big weather systems around the area either. see that big spin there in the atmosphere out west? that's low pressure that will be coming east. could produce clouds around the area this weekend. right now doesn't look as though we'll have any showers. could see cloud cover around. over the next 48 hours, there were clear skies tomorrow morning. k clearing on out. starting with partly sunny conditions. more sunshine through the day. on thursday, could have a little bit of a weak system coming through that may produce more clouds. mostly sunny to partly sunny type day coming up for thursday. into the mid 70s we'll go. tomorrow is going to be cool. you'll need a jacket for tomorrow morning. then we rebound to the 60s. that's siebel considering our average high is at 65 degrees from 58 to 64 the range in temperatures and into the 70s with sunshine on thursday. it's going to be a nice ending to the workweek, too. mid 70s on friday. those
meltdown and the mine disaster in west virginia. the same root cause, a broken regulatory system says arianna huffington. she connects the dots. >>> martha stewart fixes a wardrobe malfunction for a major league baseball player? >>> al gore outstalks the producer. >> what's your reaction to the fact -- what's your reaction to the fact that -- >> i'm not doing an interview right now. >> and sarah palin's inconvenient taxable income. how much has she made since she walked out as governor of alaska? >> we're retreating in another direction. >> the direction of $12 million. how is that selly outy thing working for you? that woman is an idiot. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> you are naive if you don't see a full-court press -- >>> good evening from new york. in dozens of nations around the world, there is enough nuclear material the professionals estimate to construct more than 120,000 nuclear weapons. al qaeda only needs enough to make one. in our fourth -- fifth story tonight, president obama today concluded the biggest summit of world leaders, convened by an american
. you can wake up with úú >>> team of fifth graders from ashburn, virginia is being honored. the four students from virginia academy came up with a design for a food buddy -- food pathogen detection device for residential and family use. this invention would use sensors to detect bacteriases in food. the students jack dudley, bailey matias, patel. they will compete next month. good luck. way to go. >> good for them. >>> good for us. the weather was pretty good to us today. >> that it was. considering yesterday the gray skies and showers across the area. we talked about yesterday, how it was, you know, week ago our first 90. last wednesday, it was our second 90 of the year. at least we are not caught in the 50s. outside we can get the return of sunshine across the area. we started the day with a little bit of mist on the heels of the easterly wind and there was pockets of fog you a round the area, too. blue skies now with temperatures that have squeaked up into the 60s through the area. reagan national airport right now at 63 degrees. humidity, 36%. wind out of the east-southeast. just
. but the run ins on the moisture is around southwest virginia. in some places here, we will have the visibility cut down to a quarter or an eighth of a mile. here is the deal, we have moisture left back across the great lakes. we have the weather system here, we have a frontal boundary, shifting the winds, and that is going to be benefiting today with the sunshine. and it's going to stick around for a couple of hours, and then we get down -- get up to the 64 degrees. now, tonight, we will still have some patchy fog. >>> tomorrow, we will have a beautiful afternoon, again, jumping above normal at 72. >>> try, let's look at that traffic. >> >> make sure you slow coup and take -- down and take your time. we have 695 and frederick road, traffic is building on the cameras. also, we have the drive time this morning as you head out. 895 southbound to 295, 4 minute drive. >> 695 to 795, 5 minute drive. >> happy birthday to ava. don't you love her. >> she's a cutie pie. have a great day. 5 years old today. >> everybody remembers brad garrott from the show everybody loves raymond. 69. >> jamie and i didn
. but my guess is that the senator from virginia, the senator from connecticut might drop that in about five minutes. not that the senator from virginia is actually add -- advocating. he's trying to solve something else. that's something in about five minutes could be solved. so i do think that what senator warner has said is true. that is that the rhetoric around this, an issue that could be dealt with literally in about five minutes, is probably overheated. and the fact is that what we need to do is figure out a way to focus on this issue in an intelligent way. i think that as the senator from virginia mentioned, people on both extremes want to make sure that if a large institution in this company fails, it's just like the small institutions in this country. they go out of business. i think we're united on that. are there some flaws that exist? yes. did the bill get a little sideways at the end? yes. but do people understand the way we can deal with this in an intelligent, thoughtful way and fix that? yes. i wonder if the senator from virginia would wish to not maybe get into specific
a woman in alexandria, virginia. it happened on monday night east of the king street metro stop. officers say the man grabbed think victim and threatened her with a box cutter. he forced her to an alley and raped the 22-year-old woman. >>> we say good morning to howard bernstein. do i need my umbrella. >> no but you need patience. you can see the showers from yesterday pulling away. we have a dense fog advisory in affect north and west of town. west of 95, you are in the dense fog advisory and some visibilities are down to zero in martinsburg, frederick, gaithersburg. parts of montgomery, fairfax, loudoun, frederick counties, really patchy dense fog there. give yourself a little extra time. temperatures up north have dropped in the 30s. that helped to squeeze out the moisture. mid-30s in martinsburg. 48 at national. today we are looking at the morning fog but partly to mostly sunny. nicer than yesterday but cool with temperatures low to mid- 60s south. >>> all right. so far so good outside. don't have to deal with the nuclear security summit this morning. that's probably the best story. i
little bit of cloud cover down across parts of virginia and out over the mountains, but mostly clear round baltimore. it feels cool, but these numbers are pretty close to normal. there is a warm up on the way. it is 61 here in baltimore, but 80 degrees in chicago. we should feel some of that warmup heading into thursday and friday. the forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> still ahead, why it is important not to wait if you plan on registering your child for 3 k in baltimore city. >> a guest teacher for part of teach for america week. plus, now realize it was pointless. re>> more and more kids are beig diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. why experts say texting is to blame. >> what they were simulating in the disaster drill, and how it helps in their training. >> the tea party event in boston against the spending and taxing policies of the obama administration. administration. boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. bos
income county in the country, fairfax county in virginia, the school i send my kids to in fairfax county gets title one money for disadvantaged kids. the money that is supposed to go to the poor districts now spread all over the country to the richest county, just because that's how congress works. every member of congress wants a share. >> glenn: i tell you, i think we are so screwed up. steven, maybe you can address this a little bit. we built these palaces, educational palaces, if you go to any nice town and the nicest buildings will be the schools. that's not necessary. i got a good education. went to private school. my dad worked at a bakery and had to work it off to go to the school. we never wasted, had to use both sides of the paper. i remember when i went to ninth grade, and it was the first time i had ever been in a public school. it was vegas! >> you grew up in a nice zip code then. where i was, it was okay. where i am now, new york city, public schools are certainly not palted. here is what i say. i'll leave the question whether to give rid of the department of ed to people w
. the coach of the west virginia university basketball team, popular out there, started a family fund to provide scholarships for the children of the miners and delivered meals to the families. local grocery stores are taking donations. if you want to donate, go to our web site, myfoxdc.com. >>> we are watching a developing story in china. at least 600 people are dead after a series of strong earthquakes rattled western china. rescuers are digging with shovels and their bare hands searching through collapsed buildings in the province of qinghai. >> reporter: piles of rubble line the streets. rescue workers spring into action digging through the debris for survivors. the first quake struck before 8:00 in the morning local time centered in the tibetan area of western china. there were six trem blors in less than six hours, all registering 5.0 or higher. aid is pouring in. rescue crews unload the supplies to be sent out. others board planes to be taken to the area's most devastated. downed phone lines, strong winds and frequent aftershocks are major setbacks to the rescue efforts. hospit
. jcpenney. >>> we have the latest now on that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. according to federal mine safety officials, the coal mine should have received a letter last october giving the mine's operator 90 days to improve the safety record. there was a computer glitch that left out several violation so the letter wasn't sent. federal officials say the mine operators substantially improved safety and letter wouldn't have prevented the tragedy that killed 29 last week. >>> senator ted deutch grabed a victory in boca raton, florida with 6 #% of the vote. his republican challenger had hoped public disdain for the health care bill will net him a win. he will now serve the remaining eight months of former representative robert wechsler's term and he will have to run in november for his own full term. >>> president obama plans to travel to poland for the funeral of the polish president an his wife. the victimmeds included 18 lawmakers. yesterday, dignitaries attended a mass to honor those who died. investigators think human error caused that plane crash. >>> first lady michelle obama m
virginia. he says indiana as in in to in. he always sounds like -- mr. west virginia john chambers is one of the most conservative in the kurnt acountry and when he business is good no one listened. just like the force horsemen, oracle, microsoft, before it became the new horsemen of google and amazon -- i have to tell you, i think underratesed cisco is about to explode upward. i need to go to brad in my home state of pen, brad. >> caller: hey, jim, big phillies boo-yah to you. >> we go tonight, and let's hope jimmy rollins gets better fast boo-yah right back at you. >> caller: china integrated energy. they have strong growth in both earnings and revenue. they've got a good p/e ratio. they're expanding and they're doing it with cash. dax.com has them as a strong buy. what do you think? >> all right. we're philadelphians, you and me. we don't like to lose money and secondly we don't like bums. i think a lost chinese stocks that have been issued in the last two years look to me like the '64 phillies. they do not look to me like the 2010 phillies. i think they are companies that give up the
a random event or a reflection of the internment. two years ago, maryland, virginia, and the potomac river fisheries association came up with the policy and strictly enforced it. >> it came from a lot of sacrifice. i think it is clear that this is the end result. but there is no way that it could not work. it stands to reason that the more females you have, the more reproduction you will have. >> a federal crab disaster declaration may have spurred cooperation. the maryland general assembly kick in $6 million. the state bought back licenses and required others to register as male harvester's only. they removed 8000 abandon crab pots. there is now less competition and more product available. >> will prices down? rex is supply and demand. >> remember, this is only the second year. two years does not necessarily make a trend. >> still, the decision what -- the decision whether to modify restrictions has not been made. >> as you file your taxes, budget that watchdogs want you to know how congress is spending your money. they saved $60 billion -- they say $60 billion is paying for more than 900
. >> and in the weather service office in this area, the advisory is posted by virginia. hartford, baltimore, howard county, and we have a dense fog advisory this morning. and the blue shade there, those are the frost warnings. look at the view we have right now across the parking lot of veterans elementary. 38 degrees, it's chilly. be careful this morning. we have mid-30s to 40s. we will be breaking out to the full sun this afternoon, and the guaranteed high is going to be back at 64. >>> troy? >> >> justin, you are right. the traffic is building up as normal, but we also have issues with fog. slow down. 695 and trek rick road -- frederick road, it's going smoothly, but again, don't be confused with the traffic in front of you. look out for a disabled vehicle on 695 and woodlawn. >>> megan and jamie? >> thanks, troy. >> this is so terrible, we hate to tell you about it. a child less than 2 year old was raped. >> reporter: authorities say the girl's mother was dating the suspect, they were at his parents house over the weekend, and carol county deputies say he drank a half gallon of wine, and when
virginia, during the next couple of hours, clear skies, we are going to have another cool start to the day tomorrow. upper 30s to mid 40s and possibly more fog around the area, too. we start out between 45 and 47 degrees. there is your good night wakeup forecast, 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. patchy fog around the area, dry and mild conditions tomorrow. yet again. and could we hit 80 this week? we will take a look at it in just a few minutes. jim? >> all right, veronica, thank you. >>> as more people enjoy the weather with their windows open at home, police warned that there is a danger especially after two toddlers fell out of windows in fairfax. a 2-year-old is recovering after falling out of a third storin dough yesterday at the second incident involving a toddler falling out of a window in a county. within the past four days. the first incident, which happened in reston saturday night, ended tragically. a 2 year old boy was pronounced dead after he fell from a window with a loose screen. it was 2-year-old girl that fell in falls church and was taken to the hospital and is expect
an investigation into the deadly coal mine explosion last week in west virginia. the governor has asked the chief to conduct an independent investigation into the blast that killed 29. the washington post is reporting the agency is being criticized for asking the man who oversaw a inspections to lead the probe into the explosion. >> we have some news of an important decision by toyota. it says it will stop selling a lexus suv because of rollover concerns. consumer reports issued "don't buy" label for the 2010 gx460. toyota says it will conduct its own tests and is alerting current owners about the potential problem. >> the first lady's first solo trip had a special stop in haiti. we will have the latest. >> also, a desperate plea for would-be parents after the international adoption controversy. >> temperatures are all the way back up. it's 5:00 07. -- >> good morning. adam caskey, live in alexandria at founders park. it's a little foggy, but there's not that much at this location. elsewhere it is pretty foggy. a good look at to the sunrise in about an hour-and-a-half. it's 48 degrees in alexandr
in some spots a quarter mile or less. i just took a peek around martinsburg, west virginia. >> you did? >> on my cameras and on my various reporting stations. visibility is less than a quart quartermile. we had the rain yesterday and that combination can produce some fog. so-called counties in gray, we've got this fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. once we get rid of the fog and low clouds, should be a beautiful day. we have a lot of sunshine around here. a little bit on the cool side. high temperatures will only be in the 60s. check out current temperatures. 48 at reagan national. 36 is it in gaithersburg. 39 in fredericksburg. there is some cool air out there. hagerstown is 4 degrees. chilly start. should be a nice pleasant afternoon. once that sunshine builds in, we'll see highs in the low to mid-60s. it is out of here and you can see the clear skies off to the west and to the north and west and that will move in here today. it should be a bright sunny day. if you want the warm temperatures, you want 70s, it will be back tomorrow. well into the 70s as our winds are going to shift out of
. >>> and police looking for a man, 39-year-old lance gearing. he was last seen in gainesville, virginia. he does have developmental issues that could make him a danger to himself or others. >>> homicide detectives are investigating a body found today in the anacostia river. the discovery was made at the bladensberg marina. the man looks like he's in his 20s. no word on who he is or how he died. >>> for the second time in four days a toddler has fallen out a window. this case involved a 2-year-old girl in falls church and it happened last night and luckily she survived. only on 9 we talk to the family about what happened. >> i feel happy because she's alive. >> reporter: the 2-year-old is alive and well and unaware of her near-death experience outside of a third story window. >> she put her hand beside and when she went to go down. >> reporter: grandma was taking care of the toddler and she was jumping up on the bed when she fell off of her window. >> and when i saw the window, it's terrible for me. >> reporter: the family has learned a hard lesson and now won't let the girl out of her sight. >>
that we are part of here in baltimore and the much warmer air down into southwestern virginia and on into the rest of the south. that will be sliding our way here over the next 24-hours. no rain associated with the this boundary. we are not looking for any rain. maybe a few clouds overnight as this boundary shifts northward. it will bring in the warmer air. still plenty of sunshine. temperatures you can add 10 degrees tomorrow as the cool air drifts northeast and pushes into england. you can make out the boundary into charlotte and west of there in the 80s. forecast model high and dry tonight and tomorrow. into the day on friday we are fine early on. this boundary comes in and brings us a threat or showers and thunderstorms on friday. 39 tonight. mostly clear. chilly. tomorrow blue sky day. 72. not bad for a two-degree guarantee. tomorrow night milder 53 with a few clouds. seven-day forecast. trend here is a good one. we push up close to 80 on friday. next cool front brings in a threat for a few showers friday night into saturday. factor that into your plans. drier and cooler
error that prevented the west virginia coal mine where the 29 people died from receiving a warning about safety violations. officials say that the letter would have demanded operators improve conditions within 90 days. but they say the delay did not happen -- did not have a direct impact on the disaster. president obama and the first lady will fly to poland's this weekend for the state funeral of the president. lech kaczynski and his wife maria will be laid to rest on sunday outside the presidential palace. the crowds are still waiting in line for hours to pay their respects. poland will likely hold an election in june to replace the former president. over 94 people were killed in the plane crashed saturday in western russia. still ahead on 8abc 7 news, -- >> it's time for you to act like you are part of this economy and part of the solution. >> the white house promised to help struggling homeowners is under fire from some setting it is not doing enough. we will take a look. also, tea party crowds descend on boston ahead of a big rally in d.c. while the video today out of iceland. hundr
the rain. as the rain moves offshore. off the coast of norfolk virginia. back west, good news, is that not anything going on. relatively quiet conditions. now the temperatures were in the upper 50s today. that was the high today. warm air being held off to the south. in the 60s. and right now sitting in the upper 40s. so cool night. but we will see things change for the next day planner. more sunshine with temperatures in the 60s. detailed look at how long the mild air sticks around coming up in the forecast. >> thank you so much. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track storms down to your neighborhood. go to foxbaltimore.com/i-radar. >> baltimore city will be receiving much needed money to pay for the very expensive winner -- winter we endured. city will get $2 million in federal relief because the national weather service determined the city sustained a record snowfall back in december. now the city is expecting, at least, $7 million more for the back-to-back blizzard that paralyz
in the high range, but down to 816. there go the showers down into virginia. behind this disturbance, skies are starting to clear out to the north of baltimore and southern pennsylvania. with the clearing friend and light wind, goes to go to be a chilly morning. 39 in frederick. low to mid 40 owes on the eastern shore and back into the mountains. there may be a touch of frost in some areas north of baltimore. look for 30's in the suburbs, low 40's downtown at sunrise. the sun coming up tomorrow at 6:31 with a light northeast breeze. these two high pressure cells will supply lots of sunshine for tomorrow into thursday, at least mostly sunny skies on thursday. the front in the rockies won't get here until late friday. the next couple of days will feature beautiful spring weather, especially tomorrow. as the warmer air is arriving on thursday, we may see a little bit of cloud cover midday, but temperatures are going up. and then that front arrives friday afternoon, and it could trigger a shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow a beauty. mostly sunny, seasonal temperatures, winds shifting to the south
. and oakland. but as you got into central virginia we are looking at the temperatures in the mid 60s and even 70s further south. so you can see the warm air held south of us, as we had the frontal boundary slip through. and also an area of low pressure wrapping in atlantic moisture. you could see on the state temperatures right now. still in the mid 40s. to lower 40s. across the parts of the western portion of the state. but we will continue to see that cool air move in. as the clouds break. we could see frost developing up along the border. especially in parts of pennsylvania. so they have actually frost advisories issued for some of the western counties out there, west of philadelphia, and also york and into harrisburg. so it looks like cool air pulling north. bigger picture shows 39 in harrisburg. so 30s are dropping in here. we will get into the mid 40s here around baltimore tonight. and tomorrow we will see things change as the 60s are allowed back into the pick. which is good. what kept us on the cool side was the area of low pressure. upper level low moving along the front. wrapping in
♪ ♪ >>> the hunt is on for a man who sexually assaulted a woman walking home from a virginia metro station. the victim was walking from the king street metro station when a man dragged her into an alley. fox 5's roby chavez has the story. >> reporter: it is a disturbing crime for many who use the busy king street metro. news of the late-night attack caught many by surprise. it happened just after midnight. >> i'm shocked. i'm saddened. we both come here to go to work so we're just here during the day but we have friends who live in the area. we would certainly be concerned for everyone. >> reporter: alexandria police say the woman was walking this path from the metro toward duke street on her way home. riders say it's busy by day and scary at night. >> i definitely stay away from here in the evenings. it's disturbing in that there are a lot of people usually but i can see how it would happen. there is not enough lighting under that bridge and not a lot of presence of metro workers so they need to beef up security. >> reporter: the 22-year-old victim was leaving the king street metr
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